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Welcome to Among The People, a Maryknoll podcast about the transformational experience of a life of mission overseas, answering God’s call to serve the least among us.

Each episode we bring you the voices of our missioners, authors and the people we serve, who share their impactful stories of life long mission, serving the poor, sick and marginalized in the most needed parts of the world.

We are so happy to have you with us, and know you’ll enjoy every unique reflection of mission.

Fathers and Brothers Podcast Episodes

Episode 47: The Roots of Ecological Mission with Fr. Larry Radice, M.M

Episode 46: An Easter Message from Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, from Fr. Lance Nadeau, M.M.

Episode 45: Reflecting on Holy Week around the world, with Fr. Daniel Kim and Fr. Joseph Healey

Episode 44: Being Christlike Means To Heal Those Who Are Suffering

Episode 43: Finding Inspiration through the Life and Spirituality of Fr. Thomas Fredrick Price, M.M.

Episode 42: Understand, Respect and Accept the other, Interview with Fr. Doug May, M.M.

Episode 41: Journey to the Priesthood with Maryknoll, A Mystical Experience with Deacon Gregory McPhee

Episode 40: Children Saved During Years of Genocide in Guatemala

Episode 39: Pistaco: A Tale of Love in the Andes

Episode 38: Unifying Different Cultures Through Faith in Japan

Episode 37: Journey to The Priesthood, interview with Maryknoll Missioner Fr. Daniel Kim

Episode 36: Different signs, same connections in Cambodia, Karen Bortvedt, MKLM

Episode 35: The Meeting of Mission and Science in East Africa

Episode 34: From Brooklyn to Peru, a legacy with Maryknoll, Fr. Raymond Finch, M.M.

Episode 33: Fr. Robert Wynne, M.M. Celebrating 50 years as a Maryknoll Missioner

Episode 32: Friends in Solidarity, A Story of Hope for South Sudan with Fr. John Sivalon, M.M.

Episode 31: Brother Ryan Thibert, How is God leading us in this moment?

Episode 30: Fr. John Barth, M.M. Life long mission work with refugees

Episode 29: Gerard O’Connell, The Election of Pope Francis

Episode 28: Fr. Daniel Kim offers a Special Lenten Message for 2019

Episode 27: Father Russ Feldmeier, M.M., From the Peace Corps to catholic foreign mission in Korea

Episode 26: Fr. Mike Bassano, Part 2 The mission of Being Good to One Another

Episode 25: Fr. Mike Bassano, Part 1 The mission of Being Good to One Another

Episode 24: Fr. Frank Breen, Working with the United Nations in Mission for Refugees

Episode 23: Fr. Stephen Booth M.M., A Soldiers journey to Mission

Special Episode: Father Spain, Reflecting on Oscar Romero

Episode 22: Fr. Alejandro Marina, Discussing Mission in Latin America

Episode 21: Brother Octavio Duran, At the side of a Saint for the World in El Salvador

Episode 20: Fr. Nobiletti, Administering in the darkness of 911

Episode 19: Fr. John Cioppa, A Career of Mission in China and Hong Kong

Episode 18: Fr. Ed Dougherty, Missioner and Procurator General to the Vatican

Episode 17: Heidi Cerneka, Where the world doesn’t even know you exist

Episode 16: Kevin Ahern, PhD, The Role of Faith in Modern Social Justice Movements

Episode 15: Fr. Rick Bauer, Bringing comfort through Palliative Care

Episode 14: Father Fred Hegarty, Mission path continues

Episode 13: Father Robert Jalbert, Duty in the Cold War, Mission in East Africa

Episode 12: Father David La Buda, Building Mission; Tattoo Removal Machines and Radio Stations

Episode 11: Father John P Martin, An Evolving Relationship with Tradition

Episode 10: Fr. Richard Albertine, Mission in Africa and Venezuela

Episode 9: Jeannine Hill Fletcher, The Sin of White Supremacy

Episode 8: Father Mike Snyder, Mission in East Africa with his guitar

Episode 7: Christopher Reilly, The role of music in the catholic faith, and it’s future.

Episode 6: Jim Forest, At Play in The Lions’s Den: A Biography and Memoir of Daniel Berrigan

Episode 5: Jana Laiz, Getting Outside the Comfort Zone

Episode 4: Kevin Foy, Bringing Young People to Global Mission

Episode 3: Father Jim Martin, Finding Good in All things

Episode 2: Father John Dear, Working For A New Culture of Non-Violence

Episode 1: Brother John Beeching, His experience with Mother Teresa, Burmese Refugees and War

Pilot: The Roots of Ecological Mission with Fr. Larry Radice, M.M


We are a Catholic Society of priests and brothers based in the United States. We are dedicated to missionary work overseas in over 20 countries. Additionally, we animate Catholics in the United States to follow their own baptismal call to share God’s compassion and love with the poor, the sick, and all those in need.


L-R Tom O'Brien, Ray Finch, Joe Everson, Russ Feldmeier

(Fr. Lance P. Nadeau, Fr. James M. Lynch, Fr. Timothy O. Kilkelly, Fr. Juan Montes Zúñiga)

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers is overseen by our General Council, led by Superior General Rev. Lance P. Nadeau, M.M.


L-R Tom O'Brien, Ray Finch, Joe Everson, Russ Feldmeier

(Our Co-Founders Father Price and Father Walsh)





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The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Africa Region will provide tuition assistance to African clergy, male and female religious at institutes of higher education or specialized training. Read More

Stories of Our Global Mission

The calling of a lifetime

The life of a Maryknoll missioner is challenging, fulfilling, and deeply rewarding. Follow your baptismal call to mission by sharing God’s compassion with the poor, the sick, and people most in need.

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