The Mission of the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers – Go Overseas and Demonstrate God's Love & Mercy to the Poor

We are a US Catholic order of priests and brothers who, for over 100 years, have modeled itself after the compassion of Jesus in reaching out to those in the world who are the most in need.

We Live and Serve Around the World

Grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers partner with local churches to bring compassion, relief, and the message of God’s love to the poor on the fringes of society.

Pope Francis challenges the Catholic Church to create a culture of mission, one in which all Christians respond to their baptismal call to be “Missionary Disciples.” Maryknoll answers this call to mission in the poorest regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and we invite and enable others to answer the call across the US.

We create clinics and hospitals, agricultural and vocational training, feed and care for vulnerable children, provide economic empowerment, AIDS ministry, disaster relief, and we bring HOPE and healing to a world of broken spirits. Explore our mission projects.


When two American priests from distinctly different backgrounds met in Montreal in 1910, they both recognized that the Church would not flourish until it sent missioners overseas, so began formulating plans to establish a seminary for foreign missionaries.

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers are one of four entities within the grander Maryknoll organization.

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We are a community of Catholic missionaries serving overseas in 22 different countries of the world. We feed the hungry, heal the sick, and reach out to outcasts across many cultures, languages and traditions.

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Our Mission Archives

Maryknoll Mission Archives is the official repository of historical records of the Society, the Sisters and Lay Missioners, their corporate affairs, the mission lives of their members and the notable activities of communities in which their members served.


In virtue of their baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples.

Pope Francis


Our Full Mission & Vision Declaration

Responsive to the call of Christ to proclaim the Good News to all creation and animated by the Church’s reminder that mission to the nations is still in its infancy and that we stand on the threshold of a new missionary age, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers turn prayerfully to the Father of Mercies through the Son and in the Holy Spirit to ask continued participation in the Trinity’s missionary activity in the world.

Since God’s presence and love invite all human beings into the fullness of life through death, even before the Gospel arrives, we realize that discovering and making known the Paschal Mystery in every culture and language is not merely one among other aspects of evangelization but the irreplaceable ground of them all.

We carry out this sacred trust as secular priests and lay brothers. We value our commitment to celibate chastity, and to the oath that dedicates us permanently to the work of overseas mission and to one another.

We are sons and members of the Catholic Church in the United States, a Church which enjoys a rich cultural and ethnic diversity. We rejoice in further enriching it with the gifts of the nations and peoples among whom we serve and in keeping it aware that commitment to mission is essential to being Church.

Aware that we do not stand alone in our efforts to bring the Good News to the nations, we work toward the achievement of common goals together with local churches, other missionary institutes and all people of good will. We recognize that we have a special bond of history and traditions with the other missionary communities with whom we share the name MARYKNOLL.

Just as we do not stand alone in what we are and do as missioners, neither do we stand apart from the various environments and contexts that shape the lives of those to whom we bring the Good News.

In our interdependent yet fragmented and disconnected world, Maryknollers seek to build up the Body of Christ through presence and active witness in places where it is most broken.

In Africa and in Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, we proclaim God’s Word and Mercy to all, often amidst innocent suffering which reveals new faces of the Paschal Mystery. Responding to God’s presence we joyfully celebrate our faith with people through Eucharist, liturgy and prayer. Among peoples, cultures and religions we dwell in truth and hope, to dialogue with and reverence their contemplation of the divine. We join the struggles for justice of the poor, indigenous peoples, women and children against economic, social and cultural oppression. Through a commitment to inculturation and an option for the poor we search for new ways to be the Church in service of God’s Reign.

Everywhere we are touched by the triumph of the human spirit and enriched by encountering people’s faith experience. We join with them announcing the healing, reconciling and liberating Jesus.

With reverence for God’s creation, we also join efforts to protect the integrity and sustainability of the Earth.

Given our grounding, our identity, our relationships, and our reading of the world around us, we draw upon the teaching of the Church and the rich experience of our members for the main aspects of the evangelization process:

The Good News shared through Presence and Witness, as Christians live their faith in the ordinary events of daily life.

The Good News embodied in Human Promotion and Liberation, as Christians stand in solidarity with the poor and excluded members of society.

The Good News experienced in Liturgical Life, Prayer and Contemplation, as Christians celebrate their sacramental life and intimacy with God.

The Good News manifested through Interreligious Dialogue, as Christians experience the dialogue of salvation with persons of other faith traditions.

The Good News expressed through Proclamation and Catechesis, as Christians explicitly communicate the Gospel and welcome believers into the Church.

Integral evangelization incorporates all these complementary aspects, reaching fullness when ordered to explicit proclamation, whenever and wherever possible.

Everything we have been able to accomplish as missioners and everything we hope to accomplish fills us with gratitude toward our Founders, whose dream became the gift that MARYKNOLL is for all of us. This same gratitude we extend also to all who have gone before us, priests and brothers who lived and died to make this dream a reality. We invite and welcome others to live out this dream with us.

Conscious of the responsibilities flowing from this vision, we call upon the Holy Spirit, the principal agent of mission, Mary, Queen of Apostles, and all the patrons of our Society, to lead us into the future renewed in a faith that moves mountains a love that casts out fear and a lively hope that heralds a New Springtime of Mission.