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Welcome to Among The People, a Maryknoll podcast about the transformational experience of a life of mission overseas, answering God’s call to serve the least among us.

Each episode we bring you the voices of our missioners, authors and the people we serve, who share their impactful stories of life long mission, serving the poor, sick and marginalized in the most needed parts of the world.

We are so happy to have you with us, and know you’ll enjoy every unique reflection of mission.

Pistaco: A Tale of Love in the Andes

Interview with award winning author, Lynn Monahan

In this episode, Fr. Joe Veneroso and Megan Fleming sit down with Maryknoll Magazine editor-in-chief and award winning author Lynn F. Monahan.

You will be inspired by Lynn’s reflections from reporting in Central and South America, along with his time spent with missioners in Asia and Africa. Only someone in his unique role at Maryknoll can share with us such a range of transformational experiences from the lives in service of Maryknoll missioners in the field.

We are also excited to share with you details about his recent award-winning fiction novel, Pistaco: A Tale of Love in the Andes, which was inspired by his time living in Peru. His book received the 2018 Catholic Press Association first-place award for novels.

We know you are going to enjoy this interview with Lynn F. Monahan.