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Welcome to Among The People, a Maryknoll podcast about the transformational experience of a life of mission overseas, answering God’s call to serve the least among us.

Each episode we bring you the voices of our missioners, authors and the people we serve, who share their impactful stories of life long mission, serving the poor, sick and marginalized in the most needed parts of the world.

We are so happy to have you with us, and know you’ll enjoy every unique reflection of mission.

Episode 27: Father Russ Feldmeier, M.M., From the Peace Corps to catholic foreign mission in Korea

On this episode of Among The People, we sit down with Father Russ Feldmeier, a Maryknoll missioner who spent 36 years on foreign mission assigned to Korea following his time with the Peace Corps.

He is currently heading the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers formation house in Chicago.Our co-host, Fr. Joe Veneroso and Fr. Russ have a deep history with each other, both serving in the Peace Corps in Korea prior to joining Maryknoll.

We will also talk about the Catholic Church’s past and future in Korea.The interview also touches on how the acceptance of international seminarians are shaping the future of Maryknoll and how it can serve a better world.