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Transform the World through Faith, Love, & Service

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Maryknoll provides mission engagement opportunities, formation, and learning resources to foster communities of missionary disciples among students and educators

Everyday Catholics young and old are increasingly inspired by the humble witness of Pope Francis, and are longing to live their faith more fully. Catholic educators have a unique opportunity to help others find joy and fulfillment in sharing God's love and making global and local connections with people in need.


Sparking the Call to Mission in Youth

Our Teacher Community and Classroom Program offerings – provided by the Maryknoll Magazine – equip religious educators and youth ministers with inspiring, mission-centric lesson plans aimed to awaken in students the missionary call to share God's love and mercy with those marginalized and most suffering:

Connecting Students to the World of Mission with Stories & Activities Adapted from Maryknoll Magazine

Come explore the range of teaching resources availed by Maryknoll for educators and youth ministers at Let us help you create a culture of mission through lessons of faith, love, and service, and cultivate 'missionary disciples' in your school.


Whenever we encounter another person in love, we learn something new about God.

Pope Francis - Joy of the Gospel 272

For the latest missionary lesson plans, Catholic social teaching resources, and archives of study guides, visit Since 2000, Maryknoll Magazine has offered this FREE program to help heighten the call of mission into the classroom.

Discover our Mission Immersion Trips for Educators

Maryknoll mission trips for educators deepen your experience of the Church in mission through cultural immersion and become a bridge between your students and their global neighbors.

Crossing borders and encountering our brothers and sisters around the world is an opportunity for a mutual exchange of the joy that comes from discovering God’s love in other people, especially the most poor and marginalized.

Upcoming mission trips for educators include:  East Africa  •  Haiti  •  El Salvador