International Film Festival

The 2017-2018 Season

“The Old Verities & Truths of the Human Heart”

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers 11th season of our Int’l Film Festival starts in September.

Film Festival screenings will be held Sept. 2017 to May 2018 on the 3rd Friday of the month, 7:30 pm at the Maryknoll Society Center in Ossining, NY.

COME, enjoy and reflect on our faith through the art of film!

Admission is FREE

The International Film Festival is open to the public and happily brought to you by the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. We invite people of all faiths and perspectives to attend our screenings and join our discussions after each film.

A Maryknoll Missioner will introduce the films and facilitate a discussion after each screening.

Films for 2018

The Innocents
France – Poland 2016

Explore this season’s full schedule of unique films and explore a deeper perspective on this season’s theme “The Old Verities & Truths of the Human Heart”

In his 1950 Acceptance Speech of the Nobel Prize for Literature, William Faulkner acknowledged the physical fear paralyzing humanity since the dropping of the atomic bomb only five years prior. He said there was only the question of “when will I be blown up?” and no longer questions “of the human spirit in conflict with itself.”

Faulkner issued a clarion call for the writer, the artist, to remember that “the basest of all things is to be afraid and then to forget it forever and write only about the old verities and truths of the human heart – love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice.”

Artists and spiritual writers through the millennia know how easily we succumb to fear and insecurity. We entrap ourselves in self-protection and forget our neighbor. The films of this series remind us of the joy that awaits once we engage – however slightly – in self-emptying love and thereby remember we are created in the image and likeness of God!