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Journey of Faith, January 26, 2020


“They were in a boat, with their father Zebedee, mending their nets. He called them, and immediately they left their boat and their father and followed him.”

Matthew Chapter 4, verse 21

How spontaneous are you? Do you look for challenges? We can only admire the apostles James and John who had the heart-stopping courage to leave their comfort zone as fishermen and take up a new calling. “Come after me,” said the preacher from Galilee, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

Today’s Gospel is a remarkable lesson in commitment and renewal. I know, it’s only the fourth Sunday of a new year and resolutions are still fresh in our minds. But it’s still a good time for us to ask: What are we willing to commit ourselves to as believers? And do we believe we can live up to our commitments?

When James and John left their nets to follow Jesus, they modeled a kind of radical shift that not only changed their thinking, but the way they lived. In fact, their zeal was so great, Jesus gave them the nickname of Boanerges, meaning “Sons of Thunder.”

Friend, we don’t have to announce our faith to the world with rolling thunder. But Jesus is asking us to leave our nets behind—our personal comfort zone—and live our call to mission with courage and deep faith. We have the Gospel; we have each other. That’s all we need to make our light shine for the world.


Prayer for 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Lord, open my lips to praise You

open my mind to know You

open my heart to love You

and open my soul to receive You.

Your word, O Lord, is a lamp

for my feet on the journey of life.

Give me the wisdom to hear Your call

the courage to respond and

the patience to await Your mercy.

Help me, Lord, to let go of anything

that keeps me from loving You and

all my Brothers and sisters for whom

You gave up Your life.

Everything comes from You, O God,

so into Your hands I commend

all that I have and am

for the glory of Your Name and Reign.


Prayer by Maryknoll Missioner, Father Joseph Veneroso


I hope today’s reflection has special meaning for you.  This is Father Ray Finch, sending you a blessing for the week, and an invitation to listen in again next Sunday.   

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