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Strong communities come from strong families. Help us support families in missions that reflect Christ’s love and our Gospel call to serve.

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Our Family Blessing Card

If you would like to send this Family Blessing Card to a family you would like to honor, please call 1-888-627-9566 and we would be happy to send the personalized card directly to them. Or we could send the card to you if you prefer.

Maryknoll missioners are devoted to helping families overcome the conditions of poverty so that everyone can live with dignity—and every child can grow up safe and secure…

Uplifting the Women in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Father William McIntire, M.M. runs the trade school program that teaches poor women how to sew professionally so they can help support their families. Over the years, more than 200 poor women have improved their economic situation. In addition, women receive an academic education since many never went to school.

Sustaining the AIDS Relief Program in Kenya

Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program is presently one of the largest multifaceted treatment and prevention programs. There are 13 clinics spread through East Nairobi that provide basic AIDS care and anti-retroviral treatment for adults and children. There are also well-baby clinics that provide a way to identify infants at risk for HIV infection and provide immunization. The program provides testing and counseling with a special emphasis on preventing maternal to child transmission.

Help us continue to build strong communities around the world.

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