Caring for the earth… caring for one another. Lessons learned from the indigenous people of the world.

Indigenous people are often poor but rich in ancient traditions and culture. And they have many lessons to teach about caring for life—in all its forms.

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The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers are privileged to serve among the indigenous people of Indonesia, Tanzania and Bolivia.

Helping the Asmat with their Livelihood in New Guinea

The Asmat of Papua, New Guinea are linked to the land… the forests, jungle, and waterways… for food and their livelihood.

Today outside logging interests have taken back some of their land. Father Vincent Cole, M.M., minister to the Asmat for over 40 years, says if you take away the land, you take away their identity. His mission is introducing micro-businesses based on farming and craft making.

Helping the Watatulu Thrive in Tanzania

The Watatulu of Tanzania are an indigenous grazing people dependent on cows and goats. But drought conditions have caused suffering. Animals are dying and children go hungry. Father Edward Schoellmann, M.M. is working to introduce farming of drought-resistant crops—and new equipment the Watatulu need to succeed.

Assisting the Quechua Children in Bolivia

The Quechua of Bolivia are leaving rural areas for the city to find work. But city life “speaks” Spanish not ancient Quechua. That puts children at a disadvantage in school. So Father Paul Sykora, M.M. opened an after-school tutoring program to get them up to speed. The children are becoming so proficient in Spanish that some are teaching Spanish to their parents!

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