Easter is about Transformation

Fr. Joseph Thaler, M.M., who teaches the people of Nepal to be self-sufficient. His STEP program (Steps to Eliminate Poverty) offers training in income generating skills including sewing, briquette making, raising worms and growing mushrooms.

Drought and famine continue to devastate the people of Kenya. Fr. Lance Nadeau, M.M.  is undertaking two well-building projects in Kochia and Makindu to provide fresh drinking water. In addition to the long term health effects of clean water, a consistent water supply allows schools to remain open and women and children do not need to spend hours each day searching for water.

In Cochabamba, Bolivia Paul Sykora, M.M. runs an after school program for Quechua children. These children are at a disadvantage in school because they do not speak Spanish. Father Paul teaches these youngsters Spanish and tutors them in other subjects, acting as an unofficial grandfather to children who do not have a consistent male presence in their lives.

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