Good Tidings from Maryknoll

Experience the Joy of Christmas with Maryknoll!

Keep Christ in Christmas is our message to one another and the world. Our Savior has come with the promise of salvation. That’s the meaning of Christmas. It’s why we celebrate!

Our calling as missioners is to share that message with everyone we know. Need some suggestions to get started? Here are 23 ideas—one for each day of Advent—that will support your celebration of Christmas as a witness of faith to the world.

How to Keep Christ in Christmas during Advent:

Hang an Advent Calendar and open a window each day.

Set up a Advent Wreath in your home and light the candles each week as a family.

Send your Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Christmas Cards to your loved ones and use postage stamps that feature a religious theme.

Display your nativity set in a window or on the lawn where others can see it.

Place a candle in the window to symbolize the light of Christ at Christmas. Please note: Never leave candles burning unattended; electric and battery operated candles are safer than real wax candles.

Listen to traditional Christmas carols that honor Christ’s birth.

Call a radio station and television channels requesting Christmas carols and stories.

Ask stores for religious Christmas wrapping paper and decorations.

Every day during Advent, say a special prayer for “peace on earth” as we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child.

Purchase a gift, wrap it, and give it to a less fortunate person – encourage a child to do the same.

Snap a photo of how you are living the “Spirit of Christmas” and share it on Facebook with the hashtag #SpiritofChristmas.

During the Christmas season, enjoy the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers’ daily Advent Reflections at

Use Christmas decorations with “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays.”

Have a child place a straw in the crèche for each good deed done as a gift to the Baby Jesus during Advent.

Pray for the young so that when they become adults they will not regard Christmas as just another holiday free from work.

Utilize the Mexican custom of Posadas, a 9-day celebration, ending on Christmas Eve, symbolizing the trials that Mary and Joseph endured finding a place to stay where Jesus could be born.

Place an angel atop your Christmas tree symbolizing the Angel Gabriel for the Nativity of Jesus and then explain the tradition of the original Christmas tree.

Remember to pray for and support your favorite Catholic charity during Advent.

Attend a Christmas Midnight Mass or Christmas Mass as a family at your local parish.

During Advent, give special thanks to the Christ Child by saying Grace before meals.

Go caroling in a nursing home or children’s hospital.

When setting your Christmas dinner table, set a place for Jesus as an honored member of your family.

On Christmas Eve, read the scripture related to the birth of Our Savior, the Christ Child.

Miracle of Christmas

Christmas came and went
almost unnoticed.
Then after all the running around
and anxiety about finding it,
there it was:
6 pounds 8 ounces and growing,
her given name, Milagro (Miracle).

We almost missed it again
but then we found her
in a poor house
just like Bethlehem.

Thanks to this miracle,
we looked around and
found them everywhere,
with muddy feet and bright faces.

I never thought this was really Christmas
until now.
I understand Bethlehem
was a real place,
just like right here,
where the star came to rest
and a baby was born.

~ Brother Martin Shea, M.M.

Remember, you are the bearer of Glad Tidings—just as much as the angels who announced the birth of the Christ Child all those years ago. Do all you can to share the joy. It’s Christmas!