Maryknoll Missioners Never Retire…

But, They do Get Older and Deserve Special Care

What are We Doing to Prepare to Welcome Them Home?

For over a year, we’ve been involved in a major renovation of our historic Seminary Building in New York that will accommodate the many needs of our elder missioners—some  returning to the same place where they began religious life in service to the Gospel many years ago.

“I cannot do the mission work I once did in Bolivia, but I can pray for our donors and their special intentions. This is my new mission calling. I am now in full-time prayer ministry.”

~ Father Francis Higdon, M.M., 78-years old

These thoughtful renovations will afford them attentive medical care, companionship with other missioners, and comfort.

Your gift for the renovation and ongoing care for the elderly missioners will be the blessing that allows mission life to go on for them — with dignity and the healing grace of prayer.

Accommodations will be simple but dignified, and will include:

  • A wheel-chair-accessible chapel where Mass will be celebrated each day, and where missioners can pray whenever they wish
  • Medical and nursing team on-site 24/7
  • Private rooms with bath
  • An elevator wide enough for wheel chairs and gurneys
  • Two dining facilities
  • A library
  • An exercise room


As the soft shadows of twilight
play across the sky,
I thank You, almighty Father,
for bringing me safely
through another day.
I have tried
to do Your will,
and I pray
You will look kindly upon my efforts.
I will rest now,
relax my burdens
and enjoy these waning hours.
Please grant me
refreshing sleep
and the blessing of a new dawn.

~ A Maryknoll Missioner
A Maryknoll Book of Prayer (Orbis 2003)

“Thank you” from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers serving in mission all over the world.

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