A Year of Quake Relief in Nepal

Missions of Mercy Go On

The earthquakes of 2015 killed over 9,000 Nepalese and much of its housing, roads, and schools were destroyed.

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers responded immediately with tons of emergency aid—thanks to the generosity of many donors.

Father Joseph Thaler led missions of mercy throughout the central district of Nepal, and now spearheads the rebuilding progress:

• Hundreds of new homes built
• Six new schools opened
• Construction sites piled high with bricks, piping, roofing, bathroom fixtures, windows and doors

The people of Nepal are as determined as ever to rebuild, and we’re beside them every step of the way. Will you join us?

Our mission brings HOPE
to the people of Nepal

Today, hope is alive and well in Nepal.  These are just some of the stories that will give you hope, too…

Thanks to the efforts of Father Joseph Thaler, M.M., Maryknoll has helped coordinate materials, piping, development, and roofing for over 800 homes in Nepal, with many more near completion.

Our goal is to build 1,700 homes before the monsoon season.

Fr. Thaler observes house being built (Nepal)
Fr. Thaler observes house being built (Nepal)

People were deeply traumatized by the quakes and many suffered physical injuries—Maryknoll’s immediate concern was for the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women, and orphans.

We continue to serve in several of the hardest-hit areas where villagers still line up for care.

Kabita and baby receive medical care (Nepal)
Kabita and baby receive medical care (Nepal)

Within a few weeks, Father Joseph and his team opened temporary classrooms in buildings that were still standing and considered safe. Since then, six earthquake-resistant schools have opened, complete with blackboards, desks, books, and bathroom facilities.

The children are thrilled to be back!

Children back in school (Nepal)
Children back in school (Nepal)

Nepal’s farmers were severely impacted by the quakes. To help them rebuild, Maryknoll began training people in organic vegetable farming using locally sourced bio-pesticides. Villagers are especially optimistic about their new mushroom farming business.

Growing mushrooms (Nepal)
Growing mushrooms (Nepal)

A Prayer for Nepal

God of mercy, we ask you
to continue to bless the people of Nepal
with Your presence and protection
as they continue to struggle
to recover from the devastating earthquakes.

Send them help in the form of
volunteers willing to stand by them
and work with them in their hour of deepest need.
Shower them with all the spiritual
and material blessings they require
to recover and to heal while knowing
You are always there with them.

O Lord of heaven and earth
multiply our gifts that the good people of Nepal
may find hope and joy as they rebuild their homes,
their neighborhoods, and their lives.


~ Father Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

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Thank you from our Fathers and Brothers around the world.

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