Honoring Our Veterans

This Memorial Day, take a moment to remember
and honor our veterans past, present, and future.

At Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, we remember our Missioners who have served our great nation, continue to serve in mission or died while doing so.

One of our missioners who has served in the military is Father Vincent R. Capodanno, M.M. Father Capodanno was born on February 13, 1929 on Staten Island, New York. He entered Maryknoll in 1949 and was ordained in 1958. His first mission assignment was in Miaoli, Formosa (now Taiwan). In August 1965, Father Capodanno asked to be reassigned from mission in Formosa to serve as a U.S. Navy chaplain. He volunteered immediately for duty in Vietnam and served with a unit of the U.S. Marines. Chaplains of the U.S. Navy oversee religious ministry in the Marine Corps.

Father Capodanno was killed in action during an ambush while in the battle of Operation Swift on September 4, 1967. He had been due to return to the U.S. that October.

Father Capodanno is the only chaplain to receive the Medal of Honor for service with the Marine Corps. On May 21, 2006, at the Memorial Day Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of the Archdiocese for the Military Services officially opened the cause for beatification and canonization for Father Vincent R. Capodanno, M.M.

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Maryknoll donor Col. Bob Gibson and his wife, Rita

We not only celebrate our missioners but also our veteran donors. While stationed in Salina, Kansas, Col. Bob Gibson met Rita and they fell in love. They were later married by the base chaplain, Father Edward Manning, M.M. Bob and Rita kept in touch with Father Manning over the years. On their 50th wedding anniversary, Father Manning could no longer travel so he sent a note and a scroll from Rome to celebrate the occasion. Bob got to know more Maryknoll Missioners when they spoke at local churches while in service in Japan and the Philippines.

Bob and Rita have continued to support Maryknoll all through the years,
we hope their story and the stories of our own missioners will inspire you to support us too…

Fr. Edward Manning, M.M.
Fr. Edward Manning, M.M.

Following ordination, Father Edward Manning was assigned to the Maryknoll mission in Fushun, Manchuria. After the 1941 Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, he was interned there as an enemy alien.

In mid-1942, Father Manning enlisted in the Chaplain Corps and was assigned to the B-17 Bomber facility at Smoky Hill Army Air Corps Base in Salina, Kansas, where he served as a Base Chaplain. He served in the same capacity at other bases in the U.S. until the end of the War and his discharge in March 1946.

Father Manning died August 11, 2000.

Fr. Andrew Cassidy, M.M.
Fr. Andrew Cassidy, M.M.

Father Andrew Cassidy entered the Armed Forces after attending St. John’s University and Yale. He served in the Army during World War II in the Battle of the Bulge and the Rhine campaign across central Europe for three years.

In 1946, he entered the Venard (Seminary) and was ordained in 1954. After ordination, Father Cassidy was assigned to Yucatan and worked for a number of years among the Mayan Indians. After a short stop back in the States, he returned to the Mexican Region in 1965.

He served as Regional Superior for two terms beginning in 1972.

Father Cassidy died on June 30, 1981.

Br. Marvin Mayberger, M.M.
Br. Marvin Mayberger, M.M.

Brother Marvin Mayberger joined the U.S. Navy after high school. He served in World War II and was later honorably discharged.

In 1955, he wrote a letter to Maryknoll from the Naval Base in Corpus Christi, Texas, that said, “I am interested in becoming a Maryknoll Brother because of the type of mission work they do. I myself am interested in farming and mechanics, but can adapt myself to any kind of work assigned to me. The reason always come up for wanting to become a religious, as you probably know is to save my own soul and help others learn about God.”

He joined Maryknoll in 1956 as a Postulant Brother, took his First Oath in 1957 and took the name of Brother Isidore. He took his Final Oath on June 11, 1960 and in 1961 was assigned to the Maryknoll Mission Region in Chile where he worked at the Maryknoll Agriculture School in Molina.

Brother Isidore died on January 9, 2002.

Fr. Joseph LaMar, M.M.
Fr. Joseph LaMar, M.M.

At the age of 18, Father Joseph LaMar enlisted in the Air Force, where he served as a navigator flying SAC bombers in Cold War missions for four years and later as a pilot flying MAC transports around the world. From 1960 to 1970 he flew in Vietnam. He retired from the Air Force in 1973 after 20 years of service receiving an Air Medal with six oak leaf clusters for meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight, An Outstanding Unit Award in the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing and the Meritorious Service Medal for his work at Command Headquarters.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology in 1977 from the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

After his half-brother John was ordained at Maryknoll in 1966, Joseph’s desire to become a Priest increased. At the age of 43, Joseph became a novice. In 1983 Joseph was ordained a Maryknoll priest. He was assigned to the Maryknoll Mission Region in Poptun, El Petén, Guatemala in 1981 until 1992 when he was assigned to the U.S. Region. He is currently a member of the Senior Missioner Community but continues his work in the U.S. Region as the Assistant Chief Financial Officer in Corporate Social Responsibility.

A Prayer for Veterans

We remember, Lord those who
sacrificed their youth, their health
and their lives to keep our nation
safe, strong and free.

We commend to Your mercy, Lord
the souls of all who died
in far too many wars
and pray in a special way for those
who live today with wounds
that are slow to heal.

O Lord we pray for peace
based on justice
and prosperity
built on equality
and an end to greed
envy and revenge
that all wars may end

We pray this in the name of Jesus,
Your Son, who sacrificed his youth,
health and life
that all the world may be
safe, strong and free.


~ Father Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

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Thank you from our Fathers and Brothers around the world.