Alleviate Starvation in East Africa

Responding to a Natural Disaster

The Horn of Africa is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis not seen since the end of World War II.

Drought conditions have caused mass starvation in Kenya, South Sudan, and Tanzania where Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers are delivering food, clean water and as much HOPE as humanly possible to children and their families.

Here’s how our Maryknollers are helping in Africa:

  • Purchasing basic foodstuffs such as maize, sorghum, and cooking oil
  • Traveling to urban centers where food is readily available for purchase
  • Identifying sources of clean water
  • Sharing supplies through local parishes and community centers
  • Distributing drought-resistant seeds for more predictable crop yields
  • Advocating publicly for the poor and displaced

Make an impact today with a gift to Maryknoll’s Emergency Relief Fund for East Africa.

Drought in South Sudan

Kenya is largely a semi-arid, arid country to begin with and the rains have been poor. In addition, this year an invasion of army worms has destroyed a large proportion of what would have been poor harvest.

The lucky ones in South Sudan are eating one meal a day and this lack of food and political turmoil causes people to flee to Uganda in search of food and security. They end up at Bidi Bidi Camp, located in Arua, Uganda, which has become the largest refugee camp in the world. The camp now holds over 270,000 South Sudanese and is still growing.

There has been some rain in Tanzania but it’s woefully inadequate. The lack of rainfall has killed off most of the cattle and sheep.

Your prayers and support can help us reach the people of Africa who desperately need the most basic necessity of all – FOOD!

Father Lance Nadeau, M.M. distributes drought-resistant seeds to help support families in dire need of food.

‘If evil comes upon us, the sword of judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before you, for your name is in this house, and we will cry out to you in our affliction, and you will hear and save!’

2 Chronicles 20:9

JOIN US and with your gift to Maryknoll, we can compassionately care for children and families who have nowhere else to turn. Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers will be the presence of God in a world that is desperate for healing.

Parcelling of maize at the parish store.

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