We Welcome You To Mission

You are a blessing from God

Thank you for joining the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers in mission and for your prayers.  We welcome you as a fellow missioner who rejoices in the Good News of our faith—the promise of salvation in Christ.

Our Fathers and Brothers look forward to praying with you, remembering your Special Intentions, consoling you in times of difficulty, and celebrating your happiest moments.  This is how our family cares for each of its members, and now our family includes you.

The Maryknoll Society  — a Catholic order of priests and Brothers who witness the Gospel in more than 20 countries by serving the poor and people in greatest need.

Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel by modeling the compassion of Our Lord among people of different religions and cultural traditions.  This is the way we work to build a better world of justice, peace, and understanding.

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With your prayers and support, you can help us build a better world of justice, peace, and understanding.

Your gift will help build our Church in Latin America by supporting our missions of mercy.

Children Tutoring (Bolivia)

Father Francis Higdon, M.M. tutors the children of Quechua-speaking migrants in the Spanish language so they can do better in school where lessons are only taught in Spanish.

Father Fedora and shelter (Peru)

Father Joseph Fedora, M.M. manages an inn for women and children living with HIV/AIDS, one of only two shelters of its kind in the entire country.

Father Senger in his parish (Guatemala)

Father William Senger, M.M. runs a parish program for immigrants who have been detained and must return to their country of origin, but not before he provides them with a meal and a blessing.

We ask Our Lady of Guadalupe to bless you always.

Una bendición para la familia

Dios nos hizo familia a todos

Necesitamos los unos do los otros.
Nos amamos mutuamente.
Nos perdonamos.

Trabajamos juntos.
Jugamos juntos.
Rezamos juntos.

Juntos somos la Palabra de Dios.
Juntos nos acercamos a Cristo.
Juntos amamos a la humanidad entera.
Juntos esperamos el Cielo.

He aquí nuestra esperanza y nuestros ideales.
Ayúdanos a alcanzarlos,
Oh, Dios, mediante Jesucristo,
Nuestro Señor.


~ Padre Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

JOIN US and your gift to Maryknoll will make sure that all those we serve — in every one of our mission initiatives throughout the world — are cared for with the respect they deserve, and receive the compassion of Jesus Christ.