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Bethlehem Foundation has run out of space for its programs. We have a plan to erect a four-story building at the back of our property. Bishop Lin of the Tainan Diocese wholeheartedly approves of our plans, provided that a Church is part of the plan. The Church area will hold 100 people and be useful for various training sessions as well. There are some small one-story buildings on that property that will need to be removed. We wish to build an early intervention and inclusive educational building on that property.

For the past two years the Social Welfare Department of the Tainan City Government has asked us to add two projects to our already existing three. One helps infants and young children up to six years of age who have a developmental delay or disability. They live in the 17 districts surrounding Hsueh Jia. The other project helps those who are seven years or older who have a handicapping condition. The Social Welfare Department gives us most of the funds needed for these two areas. As of October 2016, there were 19,314 children under six who live in these 17 districts. WHO considers six to eight percent of such children to need special educational services, which would give us 1,159 to 1,545 infants to serve.

Our present 50 year old building is already bursting at the seams and can no longer fulfill all the objectives of Bethlehem Foundation. Additional space is needed to serve these children. Your gift will help us extend our services to more children with developmental disabilities.