(South Sudan) Blindness Prevention and Rehabilitation

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pht-projects-blindness-preventionCataracts are the primary cause of preventable blindness in South Sudan, and Onchocerciasis (river blindness) the second. Father John Barth, M.M. continues to respond to the need in South Sudan to assist the blind and provide treatment for blindness prevention and rehabilitation.

The project will provide:

  • Scholarships for medical staff to learn ophthalmic care.
  • Construction of a new eye clinic, which will be the first in the state of Eastern Equatoria, with a population of more than one million residents.

Father Barth has joined with the Christian Blind Mission to help train nurses and a soon-to-be cataract surgeon. Your gift will make a difference.

Project Updates:

  • There were more than 12,000 eye consultations and 536 eye operations during 2015.
  • The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers provided scholarships for the training of one cataract surgeon and two ophthalmic clinical officers.
  • Renovations were completed for the new administration building for the Buluk Eye Center.
  • More than 20 children with serious eye diseases were referred for surgery in Uganda.
  • The Buluk Eye Center has become the primary and busiest eye referral site in the whole county, serving patients from all 10 states.