(South Sudan) Blindness Prevention and Rehabilitation

pht-projects-blindness-preventionSouth Sudan has arguably the highest rate of preventable and treatable eye disease in the world. Cataracts are the primary cause of preventable blindness in South Sudan, and Onchocerciasis (river blindness) the second.

Father John Barth, M.M., continues to respond to the need in South Sudan to assist the blind and provide treatment for blindness prevention and rehabilitation. Father Barth is expanding his work in the Lui Hospial offering scholarships to medical staff to learn ophthalmic care as cataract surgeons, nurses and ophthalmic clinical officers.

Your gift will also help prepare a new eye clinic there where the newly trained staff will work upon completion of their studies. This new clinic will be the first eye clinic capable of eye surgery in the state of Western Equatoria, estimated population of 1.5 million people.


Through the prayers and generosity of our Maryknoll Friends, this project will successfully accomplish its goals!

We invite you to please join in our shared mission of spreading the Good News and helping those most in need with your gift that will transform lives.You can also explore our other apostolic projects and programs throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America or consider a gift that provides ongoing, sustainable support everyday for our Father and Brothers around the world.

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