(Peru) Human Rights and Care of Creation


The people are requesting more education with respect to their legal rights to their lands in the face of what the large mining companies are doing that is contaminating the lands and water of the people that they use for agriculture and raising animals and fish and so the NGO team of Human Rights and Care of Creation is giving more time and energy going to the Communities of the Rural People to give talks and preparing reading material for those people. The NGO “Human Rights and Care of Creation” continues to educate the rural population in the Altiplano of Peru as to what is happening to their land with regards to the mining concessions that the government is issuing to the large transnational mining corporations and others. The monthly publication of the NGO, “Arusa” has dedicated several issues in explaining in simple language the rights of the rural communities to be consulted by the mining companies and as a result many communities are asking for short courses in their community for more detailed explanations of these rights. Because of this the NGO is dedicating more time to this type of education. With your continued support, the people are thus able to invest in improving their agricultural production and farming techniques.

With your continued support, the people are more educated about their rights and are able to invest in improving their agricultural production and farming techniques.

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