(Peru) Food Program for Prisoners with HIV

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This program, led by Father Joseph Fedora, M.M., provides food (breakfast and lunch) to 20 severely malnourished inmates in Peru’s most overcrowded prison. Most prisoners are HIV+ and receive anti-retroviral drugs so good nutrition is essential to their treatment and survival.

Even though the State feeds its prison population, the amount and quality of the food is substandard, especially for those with compromised immune systems. The prison population at San Pedro de Lurigancho prison (South America’s largest prison) is 10,000. About 160 prisoners have been diagnosed with HIV; half are on anti-retroviral treatment. Most are still asymptomatic, but many are in advanced stages of the disease. There is a waiting list. When a prisoner reaches a certain weight he has to leave the program and is immediately replaced by another.

Your gift will make sure that inmates receive the food they need.