(Peru) Food Program for Prisoners with HIV

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This program, led by Father Joseph Fedora, M.M., provides food (breakfast and lunch) to 20 severely malnourished inmates in Peru's most overcrowded prison. The prison was built for 1,700 inmates but houses more than four times that many.

The HIV-positive prisoners who have chosen to live in the infirmary have less freedom, disabling them from mingling with other prisoners. However, this isolation protects them from the violence and temptation of drugs which would complicate their treatment. Father Fedora ensures that the HIV-positive inmates receive good nutrition which is essential to their treatment and survival. In addition to sharing a meal with the inmates, Father Fedora also celebrates Mass bringing the Gospel message of faith and hope.

Father Fedora’s food program for prisoners with HIV has been recognized by the National Institute of Penitentiaries as an example of a successful program.

Through your generosity and prayers, he is able to offer better nutrition for prisoners with HIV who are taking Anti-retroviral drugs, promoting healthier minds and bodies, and ultimately, better adherence to anti-retroviral treatment.