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pht-projects-campus-ministryHelp Father Michael Briggs, M.M., in his formation and evangelization program for the 15,000 students and 1,000 faculty members at the National University of the Altiplano-Puno. His ministry offers intercultural dialogue programs, volunteer and mission opportunities and leadership formation for the development and support of civil society and intercultural dialogue.

The Campus Ministry also offers a two semester course in “Ethics, Environment and Development” where the students are required to do volunteer service before receiving their diplomas.  They become aware of the realities of the poor and it stimulates them to consider working to improve society after graduation.

The Campus Ministry Team, in conjunction with Notre Dame, is receiving two students as short-term volunteers to teach English through a summer immersion experience. For various faculties, the team offers formation workshops for students in their initial semesters. In addition, the team organizes courses in the local indigenous languages, Aymara and Quechua, and the team accepts invitations of students to offer formation workshops to young people in the neighboring towns. The team, under the direction of Father Michael Briggs, M.M., celebrates the Eucharist for faculties and groups of workers and prepares students for the sacraments. They continue to take advantage of the Maryknoll courses in Cochabamba offered by SEMILLA. Maryknoll also provides courses in Lima and in the Puno area.