(Brazil) Psycho-Social Therapy Center

With your generous gift, Father Dennis Moorman will be providing therapeutic support at this new Psycho-Social Therapy Center to help those most in need without the funds or means to help themselves.
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(Brazil) Trauma Healing Ministry

Father Dennis Moorman works in partnership with other specialized NGOs to train therapists throughout Brazil to help them become trauma therapists. Your kind support will help spread this healing love of Jesus around the world.
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(Chile) Parroquia Cristo Resucitado Curico

Existing on limited donations from its poor parishioners, the Parish of Cristo Resucitado needs your assistance to continue its soup kitchen, which provides more than 150 meals a day to the needy. In addition, the parish provides financial aid to seven of its students studying at the university, and runs a youth group for children during winter and summer vacations. This is a strong and vital parish. Your donations will help keep their assistance programs running.
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(Guatemala) Remate Scholarships

Father Edward Custer, M.M. of the Remate Parish continues to provide financial aid to poor students. With your help, children will continue their studies beyond elementary school.
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(Guatemala) Formation Programs

Father William Senger, M.M. of the Remate Parish continues to provide formation courses, retreats, and other educational opportunities at the Vicariate and national Church level for our committed laity. With your help, mission will continue...
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(Brazil) Construction at Sao Jose – Perus Parish

With your help, Fr. Daniel McLaughlin is hoping to expand Sao Jose - Perus parish, located in a low-income area in Brazil.
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(Peru) The Good Shepherd Inn

La Posadita del Buen Pastor (Little Inn of the Good Shepherd) was founded in 1998 by Sr. Victoria Mestas, a Good Shepherd Sister. A shelter for abused women and children (victims of human trafficking), AIDs patients, and those living in extreme poverty is located in Lima, La Posadita houses 22 adolescents and 3 children (two of whom are HIV positive).
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(Peru) AIDS Shelter for Women and Children

An AIDS shelters in Peru for women and children. Located in Lima, Hogar de Vida houses 2 women and 9 children, and is a drop-in center for 80 in need. Most of the program cost is for food, so your gift will give an AIDS patient a hot meal and a reason to go on.
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(Peru) Campus Ministry Program

Help Father Michael Briggs, M.M., in his formation and evangelization program for the 15,000 students and 1,000 faculty members at the National University of the Altiplano-Puno. His ministry offers intercultural dialogue programs, volunteer and mission opportunities and leadership formation for the development and support of civil society and intercultural dialogue.
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(Peru) Food Program for Prisoners with HIV

This program, led by Father Joseph Fedora, M.M., provides food (breakfast and lunch) to 20 severely malnourished inmates in Peru's most overcrowded prison. Most prisoners are HIV+ so good nutrition is essential to their treatment and survival. Your gift will make sure that inmates receive the food they need.
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