(North Korea) Tuberculosis Patient Ward

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Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) care requires close medical supervision for at least 18 months. North Korean MDR-TB patients are housed in substandard, over-crowded, non-insulated, cold, drafty patient wards that were built at least 30 years ago.

Father Gerard Hammond, M.M. is providing new duplex patient housing units that are warm and comfortable so that patients will stay in treatment centers and not have to return home during the winter months and infect their families with TB. This will not only help stop the spread of the disease but also help improve patient treatment outcomes.

The buildings have been designed to meet World Health Organization standards for TB care. The standard means the building will have no hallways and all patient room’s doors open to the outside in order to prevent the spread of tuberculosis germs from room to room.

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