(North Korea) Medical Humanitarian Aid

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pht-projects-tuberculosis-treatmentYou can support humanitarian missions by Father Jerry Hammond M.M., that are savings hundreds of lives each year, especially those suffering from tuberculosis. For more than 17 years, Maryknoll and the Eugene Bell Foundation have been treating patients who are suffering from Multi-Drug Resistant TB. Twice a year (spring and fall) trips are made into North Korea and medications are hand delivered to MDR TB patients. They are part of a minimum two-year treatment and medicines are specific to each patient-prescribed according to sputum examination.

Your gift will help Father Jerry deliver the necessary medications and provide the medical care and treatment to those most in need.

Amidst the political turmoil in North Korea, illness is a devastating reality for many. With your support, Father Jerry Hammond, M.M. will continue humanitarian missions that have saved hundreds of lives for more than 17 years. Many patients suffer from tuberculosis. The Medical Humanitarian Aid Project is designed to treat patients who are suffering from multi-drug resistance tuberculosis.

Under the umbrella of the Eugene Bell Foundation, we are able to meet face to face with the patients and interview those most in need who join the two-year treatment program. Medicines are specific to each patient-prescribed. Treatment for a MDR TB patient costs about $5,000, takes roughly 18 months to treat and is painful with harsh side effects. For these reasons, it is vital for the project to maintain professionals to care for these patients.

With your support, medicines are distributed and the people are receiving the care that they so desperately need.