(Myanmar/Bangladesh) Economic Development Projects

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pht-projects-income-generationFather Robert McCahill, M.M., has spent more than 25 years traveling throughout Bangladesh and Myanmar to create and help to implement small, easy-to-manage income generating projects such as plantations, fish ponds and piggeries. These projects generate funds to support student boarding facilities through hostels that were built for the students.

Each year, Fr. Cahill travels to Myanmar where he visits a different diocese each year and works with local priests, sisters, brothers, and lay leaders of that diocese to identify 25 small projects, with budgets of $1,000 or less, to be financed by this project.

Please support the continuing education of these students.

Each small project has different longevity but the infrastructure of the projects assure long-term usefulness. Projects are expected to make a return on the investment within one year. Some of the funds will be used to continue the projects.

Project Update:

In 2015, 25 projects were implemented to include piggeries, fish ponds, rose gardens and cow farms. These projects deliver much needed income to families and provides for the education and well-being of their children.