(Myanmar) Assistance to HIV and AIDS Victims

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MCHAN — the Myanmar Catholic HIV/AIDS Network — was developed (in collaboration with Maryknoll Sister Mary Grenough, M.M.) to include 18 local programs in 16 of the country's 18 dioceses.

These programs, under Father James Kofski, M.M., offer holistic assistance to reduce the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Myanmar, and to alleviate the suffering of persons and families already affected by the disease. Its aim also is to establish community-based health and education, care and support of pregnant mothers, their children, their partners and the youth with primary purpose to reduce HIV infections from mothers to babies.

The programs has expnanded to provide care for the caregivers through a five-day retreat and national meetings as well as a refresher course on micro-finance training, and a training for trainers in human sexuality and positive relationships. The retreat brings caregivers from member programs together to share experiences, discuss challenges and offer mututal encouragement.


Project Updates:

  • A new community-based health program was expanded to a second poor neighborhood in Yangon
  • Workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment given in remote areas, where awareness of HIV is often quite limited


You can help provide medical care to those most in need.