(Kenya) Inter-ethnic Peace Program

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pht-projects-inter-ethnic-peaceWith the next general election approaching in 2017, the program aims at preventing a repeat of the pre and post election violence that occurred in Molo, It is a small town located 200 kilometers from Nairobi that has been the center of ethnic clashes and was among the worst hit during the 2007/2008 post election violence. More than 400 people were killed, 250,000 displaced and 80,000 houses torched.

Father Lance Nadeau, M.M., has a program that fosters interactions between these warring tribes in different activities such as sports, inter-ethnic cultural festivals and participation in anti-ethnicity workshops.

Your generosity will help keep peace alive.


Project Update:

  • In 2015, four 'playing for peace' football and volleyball tournaments were held to bring together thousands of young people. This has led to a harmonious living and interaction among the various ethnic groups.