(Kenya) Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program

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Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program is presently one of the largest multifaceted treatment and prevention programs in Kenya. In 1993, the Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program (EDARP) was founded by Father Edward Phillips, M.M. at the request of Roman Catholic priests from the Eastern Deanery Nairobi.

Various services offered:

  • Adult and children basic AIDS care as well as anti-retroviral treatment.
  • Special emphasis on preventing maternal to child transmission.
  • Well-baby clinics provide a way to identify infants at risk for HIV infection.
  • Provide immunization for poor children who do not receive basic immunization services.


Project Updates:

  • Over 19,000 adults and children receiving care and treatment
  • More than 50,000 people accessing counseling and testing in a year
  • Over 300 volunteers involved in 13 clinics spread through the eastern side of the city of Nairobi
  • 118,022 individuals received HTC (HIV testing and counseling), an achievement of 132% of the annual target
  • 4,640 pregnant women helped with HIV testing
  • 24,000 adults and more than 1,000 children received HIV care
  • 25,000 adult PLHIV and 1,500 CLHIV are currently active on lifesaving ART (antiretroviral testing)
  • Provided the health care workers with necessary training and development


Please help Father Lance Nadeau, M.M., continue this project.