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This Ecology and Religion project is an ongoing continuation of the work of Father John Brinkman, M.M. in the area of inter-religious environmental dialogue with particular reference to East and Southeast Asia. This project seeks support for the ongoing work of a historian of religions and the environment.

We are at significant and even pivotal time to provide guidance and insight into the relevance of ecological concern in differentiated traditions. Above and beyond this, there is emerging a profound measure of resonance that would bring traditions closer together in their faith commitment to safeguard the natural world. The international discourse and negotiations offer input and provide bases that would best inform our efforts to assist the most vulnerable. A diminished earth is a denigrated humanity. The remarkable and even heroic attempts to improve the economic and social lives of these people would have been enhanced if an equally informed environmental dimension had also been central in our efforts. Such a dimension would have been augmented by the indigenous spiritual sensitivities to the natural world.

It is important to have a resource person who is engaged in the international discourse on climate change and who is also aware about the regional realities in order to provide the tools for effective mission engagement. There is also an established communication with the Holy See and the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace. There are perceived benefits to consult with a person engaged in these areas of competency yet marginal to the official positions of representative Church delegations.

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