(Guatemala) Rescue the Natural Ecosystem

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The primary objective of this project is to encourage families within the confines of the Parish of Remate to change their living habits toward a more sustainable management of the local natural ecosystem.

Our goals are:

•  to eliminate the sale of junk food at eight local primary schools (El Caoba, Paxcaman, Ixlu, Macanche, El Naranjo, El Triunfo, El Porvenir and El Remate)
•  to diminish the production of solid waste (particularly plastics)
•  to reduce the accumulation of garbage on the banks of Lake Itza (Remate)
•  to reduce household sewage channeled into septic tanks by 50 families in the communities of Remate, Macanche, Caoba, El Triunfo, Paxcaman, and Ixlu

Ways on how we can achieve these goals:

•  develop project activities to curb the contamination of the natural ecosystem, especially the lakes and lagoons (Salpeten, Macanche, and the SE bank of Lake Peten Itza)
•  build awareness in the student population on how to reduce waste
•  promote change on a political level with community authorities
•  increase conscience-raising messages to the general public on proper disposal of waste
•  provide garbage disposals near the touristy shores of the lakes and lagoons

Your gift will help protect the natural ecosystem in Guatemala.