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Assigned again to Guatemala in 2008, Father Edward Custer, M.M. served as the pastor in Flores for a few years until he handed the parish over to Father Senger.

Now Father Custer dedicates himself to visiting 22 outlying communities, which come under his parish of El Remate. Besides providing pastoral care, he supervises an array of development projects, notably rain harvesting. In rain harvesting, the water falling on roofs is channeled through gutters and collected in huge tanks next to the houses to provide water during the dry season.

He is also involved in financing agricultural projects to improve the nutrition of the local people. Because most of the inhabitants of the villages he serves are indigenous Mayans, many of whom over the centuries converted to Catholicism, Father Custer has learned their Q’eqchi language. His Masses are now a combination of Spanish and the vernacular.

Father Custer is expanding the number of formation courses, retreats and other educational meetings for the committed members of the Remate Parish. While the parish covers the cost of the food for these meetings and the people cover the cost of their transportation, additional funds would provide formation courses and a yearly retreat as well as a part-time accountant to help prepare the required parish financial reports.  Your contribution is a blessing!