(China) Hansen Disease (Leprosy) Treatment

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pht-projects-hansens-disease-leprosyIn collaboration with Maryknoll, more than fifty religious sisters from eight different congregations are caring for people affected by leprosaria / Hansen disease.

The sisters accompany the patients in different stages of the disease.  In cases where the patient needs to have an operation at the hospital, the sisters accompany them to the hospital and stay with them for the whole duration of their hospital stay. For those who are at the final stage of the disease, the sisters pray with them. The presence of the sisters in the facility provides a sense of love, dignity and security for the patients.

Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) continues to be a concern and the cause of great poverty in the rural areas of mainland China. Father Thomas Peyton, M.M., in collaboration with local congregations and Casa Ricci Social Services, offers help to people with Hansen’s Disease and to those suffering from HIV/AIDS. This program of compassion offers food and medical care to ease the burden of this illness on patients and their families. Members of the local congregation and Father Peyton accompany those at the final stages of their life and pray with them. This presence provides a sense of love, dignity and security for the patients.

With the help of our benefactors, this project assists victims of Hansen’s Disease by providing a healthy meal along with medical and pastoral care.