(Chile) Parroquia Cristo Resucitado Curico

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Existing on limited donations from its poor parishioners, the Parish of Cristo Resucitado needs your assistance to continue its soup kitchen, which provides more than 150 meals a day to the needy. In addition, the parish provides financial aid to seven of its students studying at the university, and runs a youth group for children during winter and summer vacations. In 2017, the area received about 500 immigrates from Haiti, Venezuela and Columbia. The immigrants from Haiti require extra assistance because of language and climate differences. Your donations will help keep their assistance programs running and help Brother John Nitsch, M.M. support the increased number of immigrants.

Your donations will help keep their assistance programs running.

Project Updates:

  • Assist university students in finishing their studies in law, social work, health care, and psychology.
  • Our soup kitchen now serves lunch to about 150 poor people six days a week.
  • Brother John Nitsch has been able to help begin raising bees for honey and to pollinate the fruit trees, increasing the income and standard of living of the people involved.
  • Starting a weekend formation program for our pastoral agents, and support other monthly and bimonthly retreats and formation times for the different parish groups.

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