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pht-projects-hiv-aids-reliefSeedling of Hope Youth helps orphans and vulnerable children affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia. Maryknoll provides food security as well as education, medical and psychosocial support for a combined total of 288 orphans and vulnerable children. Of these, there are 20 enrolled in the university, 23 in skills training, 91 in Grades 10-12, 105 in Grades 7-9 and 47 in Grades 1-6, with 1 in Special Education.

By December 2016, with a new school year, there were 238 children and youth enrolled in all levels. There are 25 in University, 38 in Skills Training, 78 in 10th-12th Grade, 73 in 7th-9th Grades, 23 in 4th-6th Grades and 1 in Special Education.

For family reintegration of children who grew up in group & foster homes, 2 boys have been reintegrated to extended families. Most of the children live with a remaining parent who is HIV+ or an extended family member (i.e. grandmother). 28 children live in Maryknoll sponsored group homes, foster homes or transitional homes to independent living for youth. They have no family with whom to live. In addition, newborn babies benefit from the Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission component of the project. Without Maryknoll’s intervention, many of these children would not be alive today and many others would not be in school. Seedling of Hope Youth has saved many children from a life on the streets or scavenging garbage to survive.

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