(Cambodia) Anlong Kngan Impoverished Programs

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Thanks to Father Robert Wynne, M.M., and others, Maryknoll continues to service the impoverished folks living in shanties outside Phnom Penh in Anlong Kngan by looking after their health and the education of their children.

We seek out the abandoned elderly, provide them a couple of hot meals a week and, when possible, attend to their medical needs. Since this impoverished area is easy pickings for unscrupulous employment agencies looking for migrant workers, we have begun pre-departure training to safeguard these young people who will work abroad in order to support their families.


Project Updates:

  • Impoverished children were given an education, tutored, and nutritious meals
  • Two high school teachers were added to our staff as lead teachers for our tutors
  • Abandoned elderly had their diets supplemented with two hot meals a week plus fresh fruit
  • The disabled were provided with wheel chairs, hearing aids, glasses
  • The sick were taken to doctors and hospitals
  • Potential victims of AIDS and trafficking are given educational instructions to avoid being victimized
  • Social activities are provided for abandoned elderly and impoverished children


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