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This Maryknoll program, directed by Father Francis Higdon, M.M., consists of three schools–Nueva Vera Cruz, Costanera and Alto Monte Rancho. The program provides food, educational materials and tutoring for more than 130 needy children each school year. Help us make a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise be unable to go to school. Your gift will open the way to a hopeful future.

The children from Southern Cochabamba, Bolivia, live in extreme poverty. Our School Tutoring Program consists of three schools that provide a solid foundation to improve student skills in Spanish, a daily meal and an after-school tutoring program for more than 130 abandoned and “at risk” children. The children also are introduced to theater, ecology and computers and provided with the basics of reading, writing and mathematics.

All three of the schools are in the poorest areas of Cochabamba that have significant migration by the Native Americans, mostly Quechua, from the rural areas. The children are taught in Spanish, which is not their native language, as they strive to know how to learn in their new world.

With your help, Father Francis Higdon, M.M. , provides the children with an opportunity to learn about the culture of the poor, teaches parenting skills to the parents and interacts with the kids at their homes, at their schools and at their farms. This vital program ensures that the children receive the education and nutritional support that they need.