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Solidarity Bridge (Puente de Solidaridad) is a non-profit organization that is based out of Evanston, Illinois. Solidarity Bridge transforms lives by promoting solidarity and justice through experiences of service and healing. We believe that saving a life and alleviating suffering can sustain families and strengthen communities. Currently, the organization’s primary focus of its mission work has been in Bolivia. The organization has local offices in both Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, Bolivia staffed with Bolivian employees. Father Dae Kim, M.M., works as a volunteer in assisting with the “Heart Surgery” program.

In Bolivia heart surgery and recovery at a reputable hospital would cost a minimum of $14,000. Most Bolivians would not be able to afford such costly surgery. The program runs with the generosity of the medical staff who donate their work and time, the organization who donates medical supplies and monies that the patient’s family can raise. Sometimes even with all that help, the funds raised will only cover half of the total cost.

This project aims to help two to four patients a year to receive this lifesaving surgery. Four out of five babies or young children who need heart surgery in Bolivia usually suffer from Down Syndrome. Despite this fact, every human being deserves every chance at life and be offered this life saving surgery.

Father Kim accompanies the patient and his or her family during the heart surgery and all through recovery. He extends pastoral and spiritual guidance through the healing process.

Through your generosity, these young children will receive heart surgery and a second chance at life.