(Bolivia) Ministry to Newly Released Prisoners

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation

In conjunction with our work in prison ministry, Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Joseph Loney, and Father Juan Zuniga, M.M., coordinated (and funded) a ten-day workshop on “Forgiveness and Reconciliation – Foundations for Restorative Justice” as presented by Sr. Nelly Boonen, SSPS, Ph.D. and Sr. Martina Gonzalez, SSPS, Ph.D. both missionaries in Brazil.

The learnings from this workshop have not only formed the basis for our current ministry but have also led to the formation of a small group of workshop participants who meet monthly to reinforce these learnings. This group has been recognized as a Chapter of the parent organization “Schools for Forgiveness and Reconciliation (ES.PE.RE in Spanish). A coordinating team of four including: Joseph Loney, a Franciscan Lay Volunteer; an ex-Maryknoll Lay Missioner; and, Father Zuniga also plan (and fund) these monthly meetings.

Through your generosity, we will invite presenters for follow-up workshops as well as enable Father Zuniga’s participation in workshops outside of Bolivia. The efforts described above have given rise to a new focus for what was exclusively prison ministry, namely presenting workshops on Forgiveness and Reconciliation (ES.PE.RE.) but also continue other aspects of prison ministry including visiting the prisoners who are interested in spiritual counseling, preparing for the sacraments, attending the Eucharist and/or seeking some financial assistance with a medical or emergency need. Your gift will provide ministry to prisoners in Bolivia.