(Bolivia) Formation Mission Center and Ecological Garden

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The Bolivian Community of the Missionary Sisters Cristo Sediente (or commonly known as The Aymara Mission Community) is a Bolivian congregation founded on April 15, 1981 in the Maryknoll parish of Achacachi in the Bolivian Altiplano. Its founding purpose was to give missionary service to the neediest in rural areas. Over the years, the Sisters have expanded their membership to include candidates from other cultures in Bolivia and to engage in mission in urban as well as rural areas especially among recently arrived migrants to the cities.

The Sisters formed a small community in Cochabamba with the intention of building a permanent residence for formation there. To help maintain their presence, the sisters took on mission responsibilities in the parish of Jesus de Challa situated in an isolated mountainous rural area in the Province of Tapacari. Shortly after, the parish could no longer support them. They also had to leave the rooms they were renting in the center of the city since the owner had sold the building. Fortunately, Maryknoll was able to offer them two to three rooms at the Maryknoll Mission Center in exchange for them providing pastoral services in programs for women and children.

This project has three primary purposes:

1) to provide a sustainable facility for the formation of candidates to the Community
2) to provide a base for a missionary outreach and integral evangelization and formation to the local community and to develop native leaders especially women
3) to build small corrals to raise chickens and rabbits that would enable the sisters to be self-supporting and an ecological garden that would serve as a model for the people of the community

A permanent residence for the sisters would enable women expressing desires to join their community to have a home and place to receive their training. While this project would provide the sisters with a permanent presence in the rural village, it would also be a great assistance to the people in Cochabamba.

Your help will be greatly appreciated by the Sisters.