Caminando Por La Paz Project (Guatemala)

Caminando Por La Paz Project in Guatemala

This is the story of the Caminando Por La Paz Project in Guatemala City, where a dedicated group of young men are determined to carry on the mission of their mentor by serving their community. Caminando Por La Paz is small program for young people located in the marginalized barrio of Zone 18 in Guatemala City. Founded by the late Maryknoll Father Thomas Goekler, the main aim of the program is to help families with few resources and to provide education to children. The students attending the program are at risk of entering gangs, consuming drugs and falling victim to violence. Caminando Por La Paz provides these children with numerous opportunities to better themselves and to serve their the community. These activities include a tutoring program for young children in primary education, and advanced math, science, chemistry, and computer skills for older children.

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