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Episode 7. Christopher Reilly, The Role of Music in the Catholic Faith, and it’s Future.


An interview with The Director of Liturgy, Music Ritual and Worship for Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers

On this episode of Among the People, we interview our Director of Music, Worship, & Ritual, Chris Reilly.

Chris, a leader in pastoral music, gives us a glimpse into the world of someone whose made music for the Church for decades. We’ll cover his life, how he was influenced by music, a brief history of sacred music, as well as the shifts he’s seeing in the Church including, a surprising shift towards a more traditional celebration of worship.

Chris will also give us his expert insights and thoughts on the future of music in the Church!

If you’re a big fan of Maryknoll’s Christmas Concerts or a fan of Music in general, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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