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Episode 16. Kevin Ahern, PhD, The Role of Faith in Modern Social Justice Movements

Today we’re here with Kevin Ahern, Orbis Books Author and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College.

In this episode we dive into the challenges and opportunities the Church offers from the perspective of young people as it relates to today’s social movements and the current political and religious divisions that exist not only in western society, but throughout the world.

As a young Professor, Kevin truly has his finger on the pulse of young people in the Catholic Faith. Not only from a domestic perspective but from a global one, with his extensive experiences with small Christian communities around the world.

Episode Notes


A Brief Bio

‘Kevin Glauber Ahern, PhD is an assistant professor of religious studies at Manhattan College. He defended his doctoral dissertation in theological ethics from Boston College in 2013.

His dissertation was entitled “Structures of Grace: Catholic NGOs and the Church’s Mission in a Globalized World.” From 2003 to 2007, Kevin Ahern served as the President of the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS-Pax Romana), an international network of students in over eighty countries. He continues to be active on the boards of several national and international networks, including he Catholic Common Ground Initiative, the board of directors of America Press and as a Vice-President of the ICMICA-Pax Romana, He has edited the Radical Bible and Visions of Hope: Emerging Theologians and the Future of the Church, both with Orbis Books.

When not teaching, writing, or going to international meetings, Kevin enjoys hiking, Cape Cod, and spending time with his wife.’

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Orbis Books Titles by Kevin Ahern

God’s Quad (Kevin Ahern and Christopher Derige Malano)

Structure’s of Grace (Kevin Ahern)

Public Theology and the Global Common Good:The Contribution of David Hollenbach (Ahern, Clark, Heyer, Johnston)

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Twitter: @kevin_ahern

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