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Episode 15: Fr. Rick Bauer, Bringing comfort through Palliative Care

Today we sit down with Maryknoll Missioner, Fr. Rick Bauer. Fr. Rick spent time in Mission in Namibia and is now introducing palliative care – the care of the spiritual and emotional aspects of those who are sick and suffering – overseas.

After his residency and certification as a Chaplain from New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Fr. Rick is now in East Africa introducing palliative care to those with health issues including a large majority of those directly affected by HIV/AIDS.

Fr. Rick also talks about the transformative experiences he’s had in his Chaplaincy and how being an ordained, Catholic priest is aiding his ministry in helping patients understand that what’s happening to them is not a punishment from God and that it’s ok to be angry at God.

As well, Father Bauer explains how you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual and receive palliative care.


“Before my arrival, integrated spiritual care was not really part of medical care. Now it will be. And I will be able study how spiritual care impacts treatment and outcomes. This will take 18-24 months but I believe the results are going to alter the delivery of healthcare in Kenya, and maybe all of Africa.” Father Rick Bauer, M.M.

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