As Seasons Change So Too Does Service To God’s Mission Of Love And Compassion That Add Creativity And New Life!

Maryknoll missionary priests and Brothers have been serving in countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America for 104 years now.  Traditionally, we had only accepted men from the United States to join us and they knew they would be sent outside the U.S. for mission service.  In the United States we have only served in special pastoral assignments such as Chinatown in New York City.  While our assignments still remain outside the U.S., since 2017 we have started accepting men from the countries where we serve.  Originally, we felt it important to strengthen local churches insisting their young men serve the Church in their homelands.  But so many of these local churches are now strong and among their young men there are those who wish to become Maryknoll Missioners.  So we now welcome these men to join us in Mission.

As missioners when we first arrive in new countries there is both excitement and some trepidation.  We all wonder if we have what it takes to learn new languages, adapt to new cultures and establish good healthy relationships with the people.  We are required to be patient with ourselves as we become like children again in so many ways.  Prayer becomes paramount in our lives as we depend so much upon God and slowly grow and acculturate in these new settings.  In the end it is so often the people in our host country who show us the face of Jesus through their hospitality and warm welcome.  The transformation that takes place in us is awesome and is best described as grace.  And that grace brings us so much happiness!

We hope you recognize how much you and so many others like you are needed today.  The message of God’s love for all people is so important.  It needs to be preached not only in words but in the actions of our daily lives.  Each of you is a messenger wherever you go and in whatever you do.  But, you still need to take some steps in the direction that will fulfill the dreams that have brought you in contact with us.  So, don’t be stymied by the challenge.  Rather, dream on and make the dream a reality!

As always we look forward to hearing from you at (vocation@maryknoll.org): Fr. Rodrigo Ulloa-Chavarry (Vocation Director), Fr. Mike Snyder, Fr. Joe Donovan and Mr. Greg Darr.


Maryknoll Brothers In Mission

Brothers Ryan Thibert, Joe Bruener & Jonathan Jose in Cochabamba, Bolivia

What is a Catholic Brother and what does he do?

The best example of a “Brother” would be Jesus himself.   Jesus lived most of his life as a “Brother”.   He was single, was a person of prayer, lived in community and gave his entire life in doing the will of God.   Jesus was a man of great compassion for all people, especially the poor, the lame, the sinners, the outcast of society and the sick.  To be a “Brother” is to grow in compassion for all people, especially the poor and outcast of society.

“Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.  He fasted for forty days and forty nights” (Mt. 4: 1-2).  To be a “Brother” one must strive to be a person of prayer.  Jesus begins his ministry by gathering his apostles to form a community.  He does not do his ministry alone.  “Jesus appoints 12 apostles that they may be with him and he might send them forth to preach” (Mk. 3:14).  To be a “Brother” in the Catholic Church today is to work in collaboration with the people around him.  He does not do his ministry alone.  “Then Jesus said to his disciples, whoever wishes to come after me must take up his cross and follow me (Mt. 16: 24).   There will be times of trial and error, but to be a “Brother” he must not give up in doing “God’s will” and bringing about the kingdom of God.

Br. Loren Beaudry hugging Thomas Luchagula, child of Kiza John, Bukumbi Rehabilitation Center, Mwanza, Tanzania.
– Photo © Nile Sprague

The National Catholic Youth Conference November 18 – 20, 2021 Indianapolis, Indiana

Vocation Director Fr. Rodrigo Ulla (center) with two friends

From November 17 to the 20th, the Vocations Team led by Mr. Greg Darr and Fr. Rodrigo Ulloa traveled to Indianapolis to attend the 2021 National Catholic Youth Conference most known as NCYC. We had a booth representing Maryknoll with multiple brochures describing our charisms. The main attraction was a map oriented to the South which sparked lots of attention upon seeing it from a far.  Many students were puzzled as to why did we hang a map upside down. It was not upside down but simply oriented to the South and such position helped us explain that Jesus invites us to see the world differently. We go to mission to serve God’s people and when we return we see the world and its people with eyes of mercy and compassion. From years past, our Maryknoll world mission map has challenged students giving them just 60 seconds to match 6 countries to their proper location on the map. The winner of each challenge receives a mission cross as well as our mission passport and a copy of the map so that they can review it at home. We conducted this game for the entire conference and were able to attract multiple students from different dioceses of the United States. To plant the mission seed, we successfully handed countless copies of our long/short term mission exposure trip brochures and prayer cards, to name a few.


Vocation Minister Mr. Greg Darr with map game participants


Holy Week Vocation Discernment Retreat Wednesday April 13 – Easter Sunday April 17

Mark your calendars! This Maryknoll Holy Week Retreat will take place at our headquarters in Ossining, NY and will offer an opportunity to discern your vocation as a Missioner. Come and learn from an outstanding missionary past, envision a promising missionary future by coming to take part in this retreat. The Maryknoll Journey is for you, come and see!  For further information contact Fr. Rodrigo at vocation@maryknoll.org


Queen of the Apostles Chapel, Maryknoll NY

A Return And Warm Welcome In Tanzania

Fr. Mike with the present chaplain and students during a reception outside the chapel

Fr. Mike Snyder has spent his missionary career among the people of Tanzania in East Africa.  Today he serves in vocations and as Maryknoll’s Director of Admissions.  Recently he returned to East Africa where  he met several men in Kenya and Tanzania expressing interest in a missionary vocation.  While in Dar es Salaam the Catholic student community at the Muhimibili University of Health & Allied Sciences welcomed him for an evening of prayer and to give a talk.  Fr. Mike spent 6 years as Catholic chaplain at this institute, the national medical university of Tanzania.  He commented that it was like returning home.  These students did not know him personally but they knew much about him and the years spent as chaplain to the student body. After the talk they showered Fr. Mike with gifts and a short reception.

A missioner’s life is filled with hellos and goodbyes.  Events such as this one demonstrate the impact we can have on other’s lives and the joy we experience in service to God’s Mission living in other countries, experiencing new cultures and learning new languages.  As they say in Swahili, the language of Tanzania: Mungu ni mwema – God is good!


Students welcoming Fr. Mike back home at Muhimbili


We are a Catholic Society of priests and brothers based in the United States. We are dedicated to missionary work overseas in over 20 countries. Additionally, we animate Catholics in the United States to follow their own baptismal call to share God’s compassion and love with the poor, the sick, and all those in need.


L-R Tom O'Brien, Ray Finch, Joe Everson, Russ Feldmeier

(Fr. James M. Lynch, Fr. Lam M. Hua, Fr. Lance P. Nadeau, Fr. Timothy O. Kilkelly)

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers is overseen by our General Council, led by Superior General Rev. Lance P. Nadeau, M.M.


L-R Tom O'Brien, Ray Finch, Joe Everson, Russ Feldmeier

(Our Co-Founders Father Price and Father Walsh)





(Africa) Education and Formation of African Clergy

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Africa Region will provide tuition assistance to African clergy, male and female religious at institutes of higher education or specialized training. Read More

Stories of Our Global Mission

The calling of a lifetime

The life of a Maryknoll missioner is challenging, fulfilling, and deeply rewarding. Follow your baptismal call to mission by sharing God’s compassion with the poor, the sick, and people most in need.

L-R Tom O'Brien, Ray Finch, Joe Everson, Russ Feldmeier
“Go where you are needed but not wanted, and stay until you are wanted but not needed.”
– Bishop James E. Walsh, M.M.
First Maryknoll Bishop