(Africa) Nonviolence

With your help, Maryknoll Bro. Loren is teaching the people of Tanzania to open their hearts and find positive solutions to everyday challenges.
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(Brazil) Ecumenical Grassroots Formation

Also known as CESEEP, Centro Documentac„o de Servicos de Evangelizac„o e Educac„o Popular is a center of Latin American ecumenical grassroots formation. It's aim is to help the different Christian churches in Latin America and the Caribbean in their pastoral work by offering formation training, encouraging reflections on experiences and ecumenical dialogue between the different religious, and cultural experiences. Your gift will make a difference!
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(Brazil) Project Radio Cantareira

Radio Cantareira represents the voice for the people of the church communities and civic organizations in the district of Brasilandia, S„o Paulo. With your help, Father Daniel McLaughlin, M.M., can provide a balanced source of information including topics of culture, entertainment and citizenship for the local communities that are not generally attended by commercial radios.
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(Peru) The Good Shepherd Inn

La Posadita del Buen Pastor (Little Inn of the Good Shepherd) was founded in 1998 by Sr. Victoria Mestas, a Good Shepherd Sister. A shelter for abused women and children (victims of human trafficking), AIDs patients, and those living in extreme poverty is located in Lima, La Posadita houses 22 adolescents and 3 children (two of whom are HIV positive).
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(Peru) Human Rights and Care of Creation

Fr. Robert Hoffmann works with people living in rural communities in the Altiplano of Peru. Big mining companies are expanding their operations in this mineral-rich area that has led to contamination of local land and waters, making agriculture and subsistence even more difficult. Fr. Bob’s Human Rights and Care of Creation mission project helps these people understand their rights and improve their farming techniques.
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(Bangladesh) Br. Flavian Trade School for Women

You can help empower poor women learn how to sew professionally so they can help support themselves and their families.
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(Cambodia) Horizons Vocational Training Institute

Horizons Vocational Training Institute provides Cambodia's survivors of cross-border trafficking and at-risk girls with hope. Your gift is hope for the future!
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Father Kevin Conroy comforts a man suffering from mental illness (Cambodia)

(Cambodia) Mental Health Project

The Maryknoll Mental Health Program/Mobile Team will provide quality mental health services to Cambodians lacking access to those services, while raising awareness of mental health issues across Cambodia.
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(Nepal) Earthquake Relief and Human Development

Through the generosity of our benefactors, Father Joe Thaler, M.M., continues to rebuild the multiple programs that aim at providing health care and education for the workers employed by the brick factories as well as taking care of people residing in remote villages. Your gift will make a difference!
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(North Korea) Medical Humanitarian Aid

Father Gerard Hammond, M.M., delivers much-needed medications to multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in North Korea.  He has conducted medical missions there more than 50 times since 1995 with a success rate of over 70%. Fr. Jerry says as long as the North Korean government approves his visits, he will continue to go. Won't you help?
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