(Peru) Massage Therapy Training for the Blind

Father Kyungsu Son, M.M., is coordinating workshops to train blind people in massage therapy techniques, Shiatsu and reflexology. With this 12-month training, young blind adults are able to become productive members within society while providing income for their families. Your gift will enable blind students to learn from licensed blind professors the application of theoretical and practical concepts of body therapies, the anatomy of human bone structure and muscle systems, and the functional physiology of the organs and joints.
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(Bangladesh) Br. Flavian Trade School for Women

You can help empower poor women learn how to sew professionally so they can help support themselves and their families.
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(Cambodia) Community Health and Education Project

This project meets the needs of poor children in the five villages of Beoung Tum Pun's public schools with two major aspects of the program: tutorial fees for primary and secondary school and a program of overseeing the education of each child by our school assistance manager.
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(Cambodia) Deaf Development Program

Cambodia has about 51,000 deaf. Fr. Charles Dittmeier supports six projects for various age groups. His vision, "that deaf people are accepted, respected, and included as equals in all aspects of Cambodian society". Won't you help?
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(Cambodia) Deaf Hostel Project

Maryknoll's Deaf Development Program includes housing for students in three provinces. Under the care of Maryknoll associate priest, Father Charles Dittmeier, the hostels create a base community that serves as an anchor for the deaf as they continue their education.
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(Cambodia) Horizons Vocational Training Institute

Horizons Vocational Training Institute provides Cambodia's survivors of cross-border trafficking and at-risk girls with hope. Your gift is hope for the future!
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Father Kevin Conroy comforts a man suffering from mental illness (Cambodia)

(Cambodia) Mental Health Project

The Maryknoll Mental Health Program/Mobile Team will provide quality mental health services to Cambodians lacking access to those services, while raising awareness of mental health issues across Cambodia.
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(Hong Kong) Assistance to Maryknoll Schools Board

Along with Brother Joe Bruener, the youth minister and pastoral workers cultivate a Catholic atmosphere in our schools and help spread the Good News among our students and staff. They organize extra-curricular activities in the schools for a successful program.
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(China) Support for Jiangmen Sisters

Maryknoll Brother Joe Bruener continues to help with the formation and education of young sisters. 
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(China) Support of Education and Formation Programs

With 75 seminarians from 13 different dioceses, the seminary continues to grow. Its reputation for providing solid formation and theological education is spreading. Maryknoll's support for the seminary is in theological education and formation programs. Fr. Brian Barrons serves as one of the spiritual directors and teaches English, along with teachers from The Maryknoll China Teachers Program.
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