(Africa) African Training of Trainers

Help Fr. Rick 'train to trainers' for Spiritual Assessment and Care within Palliative Care to improve the quality of life for those with life-threatening illnesses.
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(Kenya) Pilot Agricultural Project

Fr. Lance Nadeau is teaching local farmers to sow the land with experimental crops in the Kakemega area using experimental seeds. The land will serve for teaching local farmers the advantages for adopting new crops for their own fields to provide local farmers with alternatives.
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(Bolivia) Perdon y Reconciliacion

In conjunction with our work in prison ministry, Maryknoll Lay Missioner, Joseph Loney, and Father Juan Zuniga, M.M., coordinated (and funded) a ten-day workshop on “Forgiveness and Reconciliation – Foundations for Restorative Justice” as presented by Sr. Nelly Boonen, SSPS, Ph.D. and Sr. Martina Gonzalez, SSPS, Ph.D. both missionaries in Brazil.
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(Brazil) Psycho-Social Therapy Center

With your generous gift, Father Dennis Moorman will be providing therapeutic support at this new Psycho-Social Therapy Center to help those most in need without the funds or means to help themselves.
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(Brazil) Trauma Healing Ministry

Father Dennis Moorman works in partnership with other specialized NGOs to train therapists throughout Brazil to help them become trauma therapists. Your kind support will help spread this healing love of Jesus around the world.
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(Peru) AIDS Shelter for Women and Children

An AIDS shelters in Peru for women and children. Located in Lima, Hogar de Vida houses 2 women and 9 children, and is a drop-in center for 80 in need. Most of the program cost is for food, so your gift will give an AIDS patient a hot meal and a reason to go on.
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(Peru) Human Rights and Care of Creation

Fr. Robert Hoffmann works with people living in rural communities in the Altiplano of Peru. Big mining companies are expanding their operations in this mineral-rich area that has led to contamination of local land and waters, making agriculture and subsistence even more difficult. Fr. Bob’s Human Rights and Care of Creation mission project helps these people understand their rights and improve their farming techniques.
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(Peru) Massage Therapy Training for the Blind

Father Kyungsu Son, M.M., is coordinating workshops to train blind people in massage therapy techniques, Shiatsu and reflexology. With this 12-month training, young blind adults are able to become productive members within society while providing income for their families. Your gift will enable blind students to learn from licensed blind professors the application of theoretical and practical concepts of body therapies, the anatomy of human bone structure and muscle systems, and the functional physiology of the organs and joints.
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(Bangladesh) Br. Flavian Trade School for Women

You can help empower poor women learn how to sew professionally so they can help support themselves and their families.
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(Cambodia) Deaf Development Program

Cambodia has about 51,000 deaf. Fr. Charles Dittmeier supports six projects for various age groups. His vision, "that deaf people are accepted, respected, and included as equals in all aspects of Cambodian society". Won't you help?
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