Maryknollers Celebrating Jubilee, 2019

Maryknoll is celebrating its tradition of “Called~Sent~Transformed”
Called by name in community through baptism
Sent by the Catholic Church in the U.S. in missionary discipleship
Transformed by love through relationships and thankfulness

On Sunday, June 30, 2019, we celebrated 37 Maryknollers commemorating their ordination to the priesthood or Final Oath as a Maryknoll Brother.

Every year we celebrate the missioners who each have a unique story and a personal definition of what being a missioner entails. It is the combination of these beautifully lived lives that, together, create the ever expanding, surprising, and thriving narrative that is Maryknoll.

Jubilarians 2019

Fr. Arthur Dwyer
Fr. Lawrence Schanberger

Fr. Michael Gould
Fr. Delos Humphrey
Fr. Laurence Murphy
Fr. Robert Nehrig
Fr. Richard Quinn
Br. Raymond Tetrault
Fr. John Wymes

Fr. Joseph Arsenault
Fr. Patrick Bergin
Fr. John Cioppa
Br. J. Francis Dolphin
Fr. Michael Duggan
Fr. Clarence Engler
Fr. Adam Gudalefsky
Fr. Edward Hayes
Fr. Leo Kennedy
Fr. Daniel Lanza
Fr. Gerard McCrane
Fr. Robert Pellini
Fr. Robert Reiley
Br. Goretti Zilli

Fr. Paul Belliveau
Fr. Thomas Burns
Fr. John Cuff
Fr. Francis Felter
Fr. John Kaserow
Fr. Joseph Klecha
Fr. Raymond Nobiletti
Fr. Gerald O’Connor
Fr. Kenneth Thesing

Fr. Joseph Donovan
Fr. Edward Dougherty
Fr. Paul Duffy
Fr. Robert Jalbert
Fr. Norbert Pacheco
Fr. Michael Snyder
Fr. Kyungsu Son

Feasting in the Spirit

Spirit of God, move me,
motivate me,
inspire me to rejoice always
in the gifts you bring.

Spirit of Jesus,
in my hands, feet, mouth,
heart, speech, action,
let my very being
pulsate with your life.

Spirit of God
all around us and acting through us,
lead us to freedom
as we soar to new heights.

Give us courage and strength,
teach us to lose ourselves in your Self
and become eternally one in peace.

~ Father Michael D. Bassano, M.M.
A Maryknoll Book of Prayer (Orbis 2003)

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