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Gerard O’Connell, The Election of Pope Francis



An interview with Vatican Correspondent and Orbis Books Author


We are joined by Gerard O’Connell, associate editor and Vatican correspondent for America Magazine, who recently authored Orbis Books’ the Election of Pope Francis, an Inside Account of the Conclave that Change History.

Gerry, who’s covered the Vatican for nearly 35 years, brings special insight into the current pope as he and his wife, who’s also a Vatican correspondent from Argentina, were friends with Cardinal Bergoglio before he was elected in 2013.

Contrary to the predictions of most Vatican watchers, both Gerry and his wife predicted Bergoglio might well become the next pope.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating and detailed perspective of the historic 2013 Vatican conclave. 

Gerard O’Connell is an associate editor and Vatican correspondent for America magazine

He has covered the Vatican since 1985, reporting for a number of English-speaking news outlets, including The Tablet (UK), Our Sunday Visitor, The National Catholic Reporter, and Inside the Vatican. 

He is the author of Do Not Stifle the Spirit: Conversations with Jacques Dupuis (Orbis).


Gerard O'Connell, author of The Election of Pope Francis

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